Zebra in the zoo – ( Miss D’s story)

This is a very special post, which comes to you courtesy my daughter (aged 5 years) who happens to be my guiding light. Through the A to Z April Challenge, I have sought multiple ideas from her on so many posts and she has been gracious enough to show me the way.

Yesterday was a dilemma as well, when I was unable to put my finger on my Z post but she came to my rescue. My post Zen and my journey to find it evolved out of my thinking how she fills up my life with utter joy and how much happiness we find from each other in what we say or do.

This is the story as she shared with me yesterday and I copy it her for you.


Casual chat with my daughter Miss D, while hunting for a Z post today morning

I was scratching my head for an idea, when…
Miss D: What do you have to write today?
Me: I have to write something with Z
Miss D: Have you already finished X and Y?
Me: Yes I did…only Z is left now.
Miss D: Write about Zebra.
Me: What about Zebra…I need a story to go with it.
Miss D: I have a Zebra story
Me: You do? Great, what is the story about?
Miss D:

Zebra in the zoo

Once upon a time, there was a Zebra in a zoo. His name was Zit and he was very friendly. He was in the zoo one morning. He was getting ready for school. He could not find the zip of his pant. So he asked Zach the Lion and Zoe the Giraffe. All of them looked for the zip and could not find it. Zit was so sad that he could not go to school without his pants. So they looked together and found it in Zara the Elephant’s home. Zach the Lion was very angry that Zara the Elephant had stolen the zip. Zoe the Giraffe said, ‘if you want something you should ask and not take it by yourself. That is stealing and that is bad.’ Zit the Zebra said, he will forgive Zara the Elephant if she says sorry. Zara the Elephant felt bad and said sorry and all of them became friends again.

Thank You!

What a great way to finish the A to Z Challenge with my daughter’s story… So thrilled I survived this!

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17 thoughts on “Zebra in the zoo – ( Miss D’s story)

  1. New blogger in making…. And believe me she is good loved her thinking and the names all starting from Z… This is called creativity…. God bless…. She is too cute….

  2. Great story Miss D! Thank you for sharing it with us Kajal. Very sweet ending to the challenge. Congratulations for finishing the challenge. So glad that we met through it. Will be keeping up with you here. 🙂

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