You’re still the one- Our song!

At the turn of the millennium something exceptionally magical happened to me. I was out of a dreadful hellhole holding on to the last few strands of hope for a better life. I was reticent and very scared. Like, you know, how after staying for hours under water your skin becomes so wilted you’re scared it will scrape even if it’s touched tenderly. Just like that. 

At the height of 1220 meters above sea level, I was flying solo. The climate is always very pleasant and soothing here, the breezes calming and I was rejuvenating my lost strength to fly higher. In my pursuit to fly higher planes I reached a place where flying solo was not really enjoyable anymore. Nothing under the view made absolute reason to my senses. Something just did not connect even in a place I call my soul’s home. I began losing my pace; nose down at a dallying speed. I was almost about to touch ground when I felt a warm wind beneath my wings that took me away to a magical place called love.

We instantly connected. No questions asked. It was like we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle (clichéd but true!). For days we gazed into the sun merging in the waters, walked past tea gardens, lay under the star-lit night, painted multiple rainbows across the sky. This was absolutely like a dream come true. We even found a song for ourselves. For me, that is like the zenith when two people are in love-to find a song for themselves. Went a step ahead and found a book for ourselves, our story, that we shared as keepsakes. We did manage to walk the bridge across forever. Fairy tale indeed. But as they say, fairy tales don’t last long.
Image courtesy: Tumblr

Mine did. At least for a few years more till we lost connect. We forgot to wake up to similar mornings, move with the worldly chores together or drop our thoughts and feelings in the same basket. Additionally, aggravations further alienated us: from communication to no communication. 

Remember how someone once told you, it’s a difficult trek and you did not realize it till you looked up. And then, just because, ‘they’ said, it’s impossible you agreed. Simply because they failed to and did not realize you’re stronger.

You know how, at noon when the sun is right on your head, scorching, burning, you can’t see your shadow but that does not mean its not there. You are tied to it, no matter how many noon(s) come. I remembered we were bound for life. The sun suddenly shifted gears and I could, once again, see the shadow grow. I had discovered this time, a new me, a new place. Much beautiful than the fairy tale. This was the truth. Here and now.  No amount of sunsets, rainbows, breezes or rains meant more than hands twined.

Today, we hold hands again never to let go. Never to be apart in mind and soul. We stay in separate cities now. In our pursuit for life. Among the raised brows of the cynics. We know in our heart, we were meant to be. Always have. We will, we know, walk into the sunset of our life together. Promise.

Today, we again sing our song that I share with you here…. This is our story.


50 thoughts on “You’re still the one- Our song!

  1. I loved reading the story.. but couldn't come to grips with if its your love story… then Corinne's comment has me even more intrigued… You fell in love at a hill station !! Wow !! I would love to read more about your story.. if you have posted I'd love to read it 😀

  2. Kajak, you've put it so beautifully. Life sometimes takes us far apart from each other, and yet the bond of love is stronger than any of these constraints. If we realise it and believe in it. God bless your love.I love that song too.

  3. You had me from the first line itself,I had tears in my eyes when you said, "Remember how someone once told you, it’s a difficult trek and you did not realize it till you looked up. And then, just because, ‘they’ said, it’s impossible you agreed. Simply because they failed to and did not realize you’re stronger." I'm a sucker for romance, and love, anything that's even remotely connected to love. I am so happy that you two are together, may the flower of love bloom forever in your garden, spreading its fragrance and cheer.

  4. Hey same pinch Bhavya…am a sucker for love and romance too and in any which form 🙂 I am so glad I could touch a chord with you…thanks for liking my post so much …Love you 🙂

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