Now that is one series if it’s out, am never going to miss it! The superheroes, the mutants, the action, I just love it all and of course! Hugh Jackman 🙂. I somehow feel he looks best in this series, apart from except, maybe, Van Helsing, which is another of my favorites. The characters in the series are absolutely astounding. Where do the makers really come up with ideas like that?

Now that I have yammered a lot about my passion for movies of this genre, let me make it clear that this post is not about that!

All my young life I have had the fortune (or otherwise) of meeting men who I have classified in the following categories. Some I dated and lost and some other kinds I noticed along the way. These are some of the ‘X-men’:

Type 1. No bad blood streams: These kinds are not really your friends, but you hold no grudge against them either. Even though you have made peace with the break-up with them you’d want to make a turn around if you run into each other somewhere. Better to remember the shared good times, always!

Type 2. I want to kill you: The result of a horrible break-up possibly due to deceit on his part. This is the one who broke your heart by stomping comfortably over it and did not care to look back,ever. You secretly wish that the next girl he hooks up with, either dumps him the same way or gives him STD.

Type 3. Let’s talk about fashion, baby. This one you would not want to reconnect with unless you want to discuss wardrobe overhauling. Remember the time when on a shopping spree you ran towards each other in the corridors holding the same brand of perfume? He’s the one, possibly, who could not decide whether he loves you more or Josh Lucas. He might as well possibly be gay!

Type 4. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He not only cheated on you but he also dumped you and was seen with ‘that’ girl on the social circuit or FB. You could not help but squirm with jealousy at that time, only to land up having the last laugh. Later you found out, he cheated on her too…Oops! Wicked!!

Type 5. I miss(ed) you. He’s the one you thought you were so happy with, you didn’t know what else to do with the relationship, so you go ‘let’s try singledom’. Poof! He’s lost and now you’re misty eyed because you want him back. The news is that he has a daughter now who shares your name (filmy, eh?) but she’s not coming back to reunite you two the KKHH way.

Type 6. Desperate and pathetic. As much as you’d want to push him away, he comes back smiling like a bouncy toy. He thinks that even after the s**t that he’s put you through, staying friends will balance it out. Even after you’ve cleared your stance on a placard, advertised on a hot air balloon and for God’s sake broke up on Facebook, he refuses to budge. Now show some respect to FB, the least!

Type 7. Trash talker.This one’s the worst. He not only shredded your heart in public but he continues to rip off your dignity by continuously trash talking behind your back and that too with your set of friends. He’s the smart-ass because he knows your friends are not mute and would share a tely with you while he’s at it. He knows your nerve and where to press it. Damn, wish I could be ‘that’ nasty!

Type 8. Moved on backwards. You meet him over drinks at a common friend’s; he has a girl in tow and confesses he still misses you. He’s audacious alright and downright shameless. And that’s not all, in spite of moving on with his girlfriend he would keep texting you in the middle of the night with a single ‘?’. Now what does that mean!?!!

Type 9. Stalker forever. This one’s a silent observer who lurks over your FB profile, calls your mom to say a casual Hi and even stalks your friends. You may change your phone numbers, route to the college/office, hell even change your apartment he’s going to find out. He has a wider network than CIA. Wish we had a repellant for these ones- he’s a pest for sure.
Type 10. Happy, cuz’ you’re happy. This one’s my favorite. He is genuinely happy that you’ve moved on and happy being just you. You share the same social circle, you meet him often and he shares his life conveniently with you. He’s the one who encouraged you to learn pottery because that’s going to help you heal. Don’t worry; you’re not getting a Valentine’s Day card from him. Rather, being with him makes your friends go confused and jealous all at the same time!
See, I am a train of analysis paralysis, so these set of my ‘X-men’ may not even ring a bell with you. But they sure are a result of my observation. Also, if you want to know what’s the remedy to tackle them, well, I ain’t got any. 

The best maybe – find a soul mate for yourself and move on! 
Disclaimer: The description given above is solely based on my observation of the men I have met in my life and bears no resemblance whatsoever to the men in ‘your’ life. If by any chance you notice a similarity don’t come running looking for me with a baseball bat, I have not met the men in yourlife. I swear! I hardly go out anyway *wink,wink*.

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