Variety is the spice of life!

The other day at a very popular Gujrati restaurant, here in Mumbai, the bearer kept coursing one dish after another on my plate, as soon as we settled ourselves on the table that was offered to us. In a matter of seconds I had a whole gamut of savory dishes on my platter in small little bowls. And of course there was a sweet/desert as well. I was looking at the brilliant display of colors and flavors on the plate and could not help but admire how the restaurant ever came up with the concept of serving food like this to laymen like me and treat them like a ‘KING’. Within minutes, I could feel a delightful feast in my mouth. There were some dishes I did not like too much, others were great and some that did not appeal to my eye were left untouched. Additionally, there was a choice in the accompaniments as well.  I came back from this place absolutely gratified. Glad I came to this place!
Food aside, it is the experience that really made me come up with this post here. I was provided with a choice and I leapt for it. Plus there were a host of options to chose from as per my liking, so I could take my pick. Similarly, in life we are given a host of choices and we must fill our lives with the ones that make us happy. So many times, we fail to step out of our comfort zone and explore what’s beyond. Don’t hesitate to experiment and stumble. That’s the way to learn. And frankly, how many people really do learn from other’s mistakes? So, go on, make some of your own (or not), learn and then make the appropriate choices for yourself. Out of those choices now fill your life with variety. That’s exactly the way to fill smaller bowls of joy on a larger platter of life.
We often find ourselves restricted due to paucity of time or finances to pursue our passions in our lives. We find excuses to procrastinate what we have set out for ourselves, for something or someone else’s sake. Slowly the sand of time slips out of hands and we are left with a wish on our lips, ‘ had I tried at the right time, I would’ve’. And that’s how the cookie crumbles!
Let’s take an example. In a multi-cuisine restaurant we can easily take our pick as per our mood and taste, from a variety of options available to us. More so, we don’t always go to the same restaurant as well, every weekend. Even if we do, do we really order the same dish every time? Similarly, if we do not have options ready for us at all times, in our lives, we would be left with nothing to chose from and would be required to conform to whatever is available. Can you imagine how stifling that can be!
It’s not only in the way we make choices for things in our lives. In our relationships too, romantic or otherwise, we undergo a variety of emotions and therefore every time we are required to come up with a variety of solutions to handle them. Anyone who has rekindled a dying flame (perhaps, more than once) would know what I mean here. Its not like every time my baby cries, I hand her a Popsicle. I must have other ways and means to manage that as well. That would come only when I have made a) the appropriate choice b) have a variety of options to chose from.
So I say, go ahead fearlessly and break the hesitant barricades. There’s a whole world of things/people/emotions to discover and a variety of choices laid out to pluck from. Variety in our life makes it more interesting. With more things on hands to chose from, we can do more- Be MORE!

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44 thoughts on “Variety is the spice of life!

  1. I find Gujju food too bland to eat…I wonder about their chaats though! How do they make those so nice and spicy?!Anyways, coming back to the main theme of your post, I do agree that we should get out of our rut and try new things in life! Of course, a lot of people aren't given many choices.

  2. One of the problem with all Gujju Thali Restaurants is they keep serving you too much… basically they want to feed you stuff you and get the table empty for the next guy… that apart Gujju food is a delight… I am a gujju and yet I tell you I m not biased ! 😛 😛 😛

  3. Liked how to used food to say something that is so important to life. Exploring new things, making mistakes and learning from them is definitely what should be done. But at times it takes huge strength to get out of your comfort zone.

  4. Thats interesting how you drew an analogy between food options and life options. Life is a big platter and some times we need to dig out thhe frozen options. Good oneGood day

  5. Wow bua…:*U hv got sch beautifull writin skills…these linez r nt merely cmprised of d set of wrdz..dey depict evrything in scha realistic n appropriate manner!Luv d way u usd few of d metaphorz..<3 it enhanced d post in more of an artistic way…P.s. Trés bien!:*

  6. Its nice to read, and true enough, variety is the spice of life, its a very good learning, very often, i am afraid to take the risk especially in choice of food ! but as you say,its nice to take a leap and discover new aspects, thanks for sharing !

  7. Arrey, the post is not about Gujju food 😦 YOur comments make me sad :(Nevertheless, I like your Gujju spirit… I bet after the word Gujrati on the post, you did not read the rest of it!! :P)

  8. So true that we need to try out various things and take life as it comes when it does. Too often we're closed minded at the time and live to regret it. Now I find the source of the gujju food discussion in the group! You live in Mumbai? I didn't know that – things have been a bit of blur of late!

  9. This is the third time I am trying to comment and something or the other seems to be swallowing up my comment . Yes you are right we indeed need to step out of our comfort zone ( I dislike this fourth version of my comment …but atleast I hope I am doing it on the same post ;P)

  10. quite a refreshing article both to satisfy the palate as well one add says ..some spend life doin one thing where as there are some livin many lives in one lif..(hope i remember the right words..)

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