Smile, Please!

A smile is a curve that sets everything right’~ Phyllis Diller

This weekend at a traffic signal, this young boy carrying some books (none original prints) walked up to my car while a friend and I were busy chattering away. He was carrying two copies for display in one hand while the others were stacked up on the other. My friend asked me if I had read the books, which the boy was flashing and I said I had not, yet. And then I began reasoning why I had not read that book based on its reviews and so on. The boy could very well notice that we were talking about books and like every smart salesperson, he picked up our body language inclined for a purchase (maybe).

From the corner of my eye, I could see that he was still looking at us, hopeful and then my eyes met his and he let out one of the warmest smiles I have ever received at a traffic signal. I am very easily infected by others’ smiles so I could not help but respond with one of my warmest, as well. This made him immediately walk up to the window of my car and I was left with no choice but to roll down the glass. Instantly, his smile widened. He had the warmest looking face and twinkling eyes. His movement guided by his spirit as if he had springs in his feet. He offered the books that were on display and my friend showed some interest.

For me buying these copies has never been a choice. Firstly, they are ‘copies’; secondly they just don’t smell as intoxicating as fresh prints and thirdly, they promote piracy. So I have never really bought a book on a signal before. Nonetheless, the book was possibly just an excuse; I wanted to get a piece of this moment safe with me, so I bought one anyway and my friend bought two. The boy in his mirth happily shared his stories about his other sales and also asked for suggestions about new books. He gladly shared his phone number and advised that whenever we need a new book, we must call him and he can even have those home delivered.

The signal turned green and we began moving away. In the rear view I saw him jumping around to find his way away from the moving traffic. He was smiling-still. The memory of his bright face stayed with me and warms my heart today as I write about him. Had he just been some random guy selling stuff on the signal, I would possibly not have even thought about him once. But his smile was exceptional, which made my day!

A genuine smile is the best possible way for us to connect with the people around us. It also helps us to maintain and improve our health, both emotionally and physically. It stands out to improve people’s perception of our attractiveness and is a fun way to improve our well being which is free of charge and always available by choice. I learnt these lessons from the boy who so proudly called himself ‘Chotu Bookwala’.

This is just one of the experiences that I might have- I have a whole lot of other such stories just as you do. How many people in our lives have melted our hearts with their smiles? How many have uplifted our spirits with just a twinkle in their eyes? More often than not, we keep looking for major reasons to keep us content and forget about such small instances that warm our hearts. 

The toothless smile of a child, the sexy ‘come hither’ smile of a lover, the self-gratifying ‘achievement’ smile, the ‘I trust you’ smile of your mom, the ‘coy eyes’ smile of the first date, the first flutter smile after a successful job interview, the ‘I’m glad I’m amongst people’ smile flashed at a stranger. These all are reasons for us to smile back and we must. Don’t wait for a starter pistol. Do it now. Life is short. Believe me a smile makes life longer and worthwhile (studies depict that).

Today, remind yourself of one such person, a stranger, who smiled at you to win your heart forever and. …Smile, Please!

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50 thoughts on “Smile, Please!

  1. Oh this post made me smile too. Same thing happened at a leading and busy market at bangalore. A girl walks upto us with socks, she noticed my piggy socks and make me a target. She was so cheerful and chatty that I landed up picking a couple of socks from her. Smile really heals and stays for quiet sometime.

  2. That's true Pallavi….these kind of moments stay with us for so long….maybe the next time I cross that signal I may not eagerly looking around for the boy but guess, I will always cherish the warm smile that he gave me 🙂

  3. Such a heart warming post Kaajal !Loved it. Actually similar experience I had few years back and bought anne frank frm a similar girl and never regretted buying it!SMILE Is contagious and a kids smile purely genuine

  4. Well said! A smile can uplift our spirits. I am happy to know that you responded to his smile. As much as he made your day, you made him happy too for those brief moments by your purchase and the fact that you stopped to talk to him.

  5. Totally get the melting smiles and just how intoxicating they are! For me, I get those from the kids of my domestic help and those just warm my heart and make me happy instantly! Good one! 🙂

  6. Well,I great great great post to start my day with (first read of the day 🙂 ) and with a smile.. I am ideally a promoter of smiles and laughter hence I know the preciousness of a smile be it in marketing a product or service or letting people forget enmity !!Rainbow Hues..I suppose this is my 2nd or 3rd time on your blog and trust me I feel blessed to have discovered you.Its all about the genuine smile which makes all the difference and the way you categorized them … as mum's lovers, baby's …. you reminded me so many times I have felt these and felt good about life !!

  7. Smile is my most favorite word and this post definitely made me Smile. At times even if we don't want to do something, a smile can change that. Thanks for the Smile :)-Fellow blogger from A to Z!

  8. You know what Kajal, its the dichotomy that gets to us….. such a poor boy with such a happy smile. Somehow makes life worth living. Hope in the heart. Lovely lovely post. 🙂

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