Relationship discourse

Relationships are complex things to deal with. There is no one direction you can lead a relationship into. Every single one that you’ve had has a separate calling, a separate dimension and a way to deal with issues and triumphs differently. Since it means a lot of hard labor, often people prefer to escape behind their defenses and impenetrable glass walls.
In today’s social networking and gadget zany world, relationships seem to have got confined in the cyber-sphere where I see so many of us incessantly changing our relationship statuses from single to committed to complicated to going down the drain in utter depression. I see people chatting, flirting, dating and breaking up all online. We seem to have restrained ourselves to the virtual world and then eventually we complain about not being able to reach out to people and landing up alone.
The truth is we all need love. Why else would we have the need to bare our life on the FB status? We need to be accepted, to be a part of the main and so we need to reach out and find it for ourselves. We need to step out of our insecurities and give it a try. And eventually it leaps up to us with affirmation as well.
For a long period of time, relationships have been elusive for me too. There were people who came and stayed and there were people who came and fell out as well- friends, frenemies, colleagues, relatives and lovers. Of course the fact remains that time and circumstances play a lot of role in the way a relationship develops and blossoms, nevertheless, the hope that I am not going to EVER be alone made me keep intensifying my circle of trust.

No man is an Island. Everyone has this deep-rooted desire to make relationships work with rock solid foundations and sky smooching liberation. And so I feel there is just no harm in, for once, stepping out of your ease and making an effort. No one who has ever tried it has had it easy. They tried, reached out to existence and entered the safe haven of togetherness. Now, there’s obviously no point in resenting the ones who did and if you do then it perceptibly means you need it too. So go on! And if it does not work out, well what’s the harm? It’s not like sitting alone on the couch and watching TV is more fun!
I know this all, because I have been on both the sides. Nothing beats being able to reach out to more lives existing in the sphere and making your warmth and presence felt in the real world. And well, today’s Saturday can be a good way to make a start. Never mind if it crashes, at least you tried. ‘No relationship is ever a waste of your time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.’
And by the way, Facebook is still waiting next Saturday!

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36 thoughts on “Relationship discourse

  1. In the pre face book era people used to give lot of time to relationship management , knowingly or unknowingly . Their decision making abilities were not inhibited by some face book comments but was guided by own experiences and ample time to think over.

  2. I agree with you about the way that people are conducting their entire lives electronically. I am all for face to face contact with someone. While I love FB and email for keeping in touch with family and friends who are spread far and wide. When it comes to relationships though…I want mine the old fashioned way! Another great post. 🙂

  3. I think FB is not good for building relationships ! Like you I prefer the old fashioned way of meetign people talking with them. Like you rightly said No man is an island and an effort should be made to be more social. Something unfortunately I am not too good at 😛

  4. FB or any other internet interaction without the real meeting is like our 'alter ego'…the other side which exists yet, we don't acknowledge it to the world.

  5. LOL – Yeah, I see so many young people designing their life around FB..relationships are loads of work, loads of responsibility and a little compromise. Enjoyed reading your take on them 🙂

  6. I think that social media is a great way to meet people, but relationships are made in face to face situations. I've met some amazing people on line and hope someday I will meet them face to face. Nice post.

  7. No doubt, FB and other networks are great way to interact with people and connect with friends/relatives far and wide, however, when our life starts revolving around it, then there's definitely some correction required. Why confine when you can explore 🙂

  8. Very true, you can meet a lot of people through social medias but relationships go way beyond this…A secret : I would wanna meet so many of my co-bloggers I have met online like you 😀 😀

  9. FB has helped me reconnect with so many lost friends, and I value that greatly It provides us the opportunity to bare ourselves, reach out even when the other doesn't seem visibly interested.. Your heart speaks and communicates through the words you use, your emotions are unveiled and reach out to the intended… and for that I love this platform. You yourself are a case-in-point 🙂

  10. Very true Shazie, so many people I reconnected with through FB and other media and it sure is a medium to let out yourself. The point I make through this post is that there's life beyond and let's just not confine ourselves to the virtual world. Let's move out of our couch and touch others' lives. As for me, guess the Internet has been to me what I never imagined. It gave me a platform to air my thoughts and share my life with the people I love. I use FB as my dashboard, however, I still need people around me to be able to go out with them and share a cozy coffee or watch a movie holding hands with my lover, that ain't happening on FB!!

  11. Facebook and the other social networks have taken over our lives and it is a pity that people no longer have time for their real, offline friends for they are always online and changing their statuses and profile pics and relationship statuses, like you rightly pointed out. Great post and don't you worry, this was no discourse 🙂

  12. Thanks Bhavya, glad you liked the post!This is not all that I feel about relationships, there's obviously more, but I guess I mentioned 'disclosure' cuz different people have different ways of approaching them, hence!

  13. While the social media is good and has revolutionized our world, but it has changed the way we interact with people now. Go to any party or a get together, people are busy uploading pics or updating status messages rather than enjoying the interaction with friends and family!

  14. Yep relationships do play an important role in our lives and we need to take that very seriously am a social networking evangelist and promote quite a bit in the corporate world as well. I think too much of everything is a problem whether it is a physical relationship or a virtual one. None can be better than the other, each of them have their own place and one has to choose accordinglyPhenoMenon

  15. FB has helped me to re connect to some of my very best friends, and that way i am happy, the other friends who are their online, is also good, if we can connect, Its also important to find time for friends who are around us … thanks for sharing !

  16. //If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.’// -This sums it up.All relationships bring something and take away certain other things.Some real contact is what makes a virtual contact ,a thinks.:)

  17. Beautifully written kajalRelationship is an every day effort a constant effort Lately am facing the heat of it post marriage :)It's challenging and involves compromises for sure and coming back to fb and online flourishing relations the less we talk the better ! :pHappy weekend

  18. I have been able to reconnect with a lot of people, including several of my young relatives via social media. I think we have a wrong idea that they spend their entire lives online. No one can truly do that, unless they're sociopaths.

  19. I guess we do not get to see the real person on FB or on the electronic media… nothing can beat meeting a persona nd talking to them… for sure !

  20. Treu, online media has a lot of benefits. My contest is that people must not complain then that they don't have real friends to hang round with and go around for shopping/parlor/coffee with. That's all!

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