Que Sera Sera

When Doris Day first crooned this song in the 50s, I wasn’t even born; still the song lived on, passed on to me by my mom who is as wise as the mother in the song believing- ‘the future’s not ours to see, what will be, will be.’

We repeatedly keep wondering at every crossroad of our lives- what is it going to be? We’re always anxious about our future, which obviously is oblivious to all. How the things would turn out for us, is our constant worry. Our continual focus on the future events makes us disregard what has been given to us now- present.

Many people might feel that the quote itself is flawed. It may seem to depict a reckless and callous attitude. How can we be so unattached about the fate of our tomorrow? How can we not want to know what is in store for us? You may even feel that one is impervious by whatever comes in their life and would lead a meaningless, thoughtless, unplanned life throughout.

For me, however, the quote means a notch more than the wisdom doled out in the song by the songstress’ mom, husband and herself (to her children). For me it means, a person is well beyond the trifling squabbles of the day and believes in life, as it is today- the present, the gift.

It brings us to a place in time where we are elevated way above our minds and bodies and melt into the moment- somewhere beyond love and divinity. To heave ourselves over the edge of reality – as we know it. Once we are there we have no worries, whatsoever. We are away from the concerns of life and death, riches and rags, above and below. We are completely engulfed in our present, relishing each moment with the tip of our tongue and cherishing the taste of what’s on the platter. That’s how beautiful it can get.

One of my favorite song sums up my philosophy on the quote – Khwabon ke Parindey from ZNMD.

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The song is way beyond the trivialities of concern for the future of the one expressing himself. He is so lost in love that he’s nonchalant what tomorrow enwraps and finds solace only when he is completely detached from the future. Listening to this song lifts me up to that space, that arena where I can cherish what is here & now and not worry about what will. That’s the kind of love that you can extend to a solitary moment in time.

No matter how many times we engage ourselves in making plans and creating drafts and blue prints, if the moment right now is not well spent, well, our efforts go futile. Our never-ending quest for that one magical moment in our life will not happen somewhere in the future- the moment is now, right here!

Today is the canvas you can paint with all the colors that you can find and make; we’re never sure whether they’d stay forever. And if you have fully lived your moment now, as it has been ‘presented’ to you then…  Que Sera Sera!

P.S. To prove to you what I have been talking about here is the wonderful song I’ve mentioned. Hope you like it!


28 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

  1. woww !! I love khwaabon ke parindey too 🙂 It just sums up your post..Once a frnd suggested me to carefully listen to that song when I was lowand it workedd

  2. Well said. This very moment is the only one we know we have for sure… so living it to the fullest is the key. Love both the songs. Thanks for sharing a very beautiful thought 🙂

  3. Que sera sera, the moments we all wait for. We need to all be happy and give a damn about things at times. This is what life needs to be. Too little time to brood! I love the song and the writing around it Kajal 🙂 I am so glad I found you on blogosphere 🙂 Richa

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