Piece of Pie

The below post featured in The Woven Tale Press # 3 edition:

Partial parable.

As any sane young girl I was out and about with my life seeking meaning and purpose to my existence. Looking for pleasure in awry expanses and off centered destinations. Stumbled upon a variety of snags and pits just like (about) everyone and hoped for settling down to just one thing that I would designate- My calling in life! I was wandering about just like a partially written parable seeking completion and a happily ever after.

Panoramic pastures.

Along came someone who called himself ‘the devil’. I found him wandering in the meadows somewhere, looking for his lost soul. We shook hands to see if we could be friends. Somehow the hands melted and while watching a sunset together over a meandering river we became ONE! He found his soul and I found mine. He was a devil, all right, cause he lifted me up, took me and never let me go.

Profuse peaches.

I was relishing the pleasure of playing a soul mate to someone when suddenly someone bumped me off the high plane and talked me out of my dream. They said it was time for me to move on. ‘ But this is just all right- it fits’, I said. Plea rejected and I found myself onboard the railroad to matrimony. Yes, this is how it happened. They said, we heard and hence. However, it was not at all weird as imagined. We both blossomed further like peach flowers in Eden.

Profitable proceeds.

Among the confusions and deliberations in our new life and a whole lot of pestering from the adults in the family, I reasoned myself to promote my stance as a woman to fulfillment – they call a mother. For a long time, I was unsure I could bear the responsibility of another living person. I struggled to make peace with the decision and finally leapt for it. A perfectly pink and peach coloured princess descended and softly placed her imprints on my lap, forever.

Piece of Pie.

You know how those tiny hands that touch your cheek and make you melt in mush inside? I felt a love I never knew could ever exist. Blessed as I was, I became a new me too. I discovered myself in ways I never knew I could. I was given a new start (God blessed me with ‘that’, I could not believe!). As much as I made a daughter she made me a mother too. I picked up; I learnt everyday whatever she taught me. My partial parable was complete. My calling-she is. Panoramic pastures green again and peaches appeared everywhere. My profits were running right into my arms and enveloping me into an embrace, so warm. A simple ‘I love you mama’ and I am sold forever.

Yet, this is simply a single piece of the pie. Many more to relish; many more in store. And of course! A happily ever after.

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48 thoughts on “Piece of Pie

  1. AMA-zing…your prose reads like poetry. I like all the segments of your blog and I LOVE the way you tied up all of them in the end. Lovely, lovely, lovely….you have me hooked for your future posts.CHeersLaxmi

  2. This is BRILLIANT!I read it twice. I would love to read more of you. You see, i always have this nag to know the writer… to know what exactly i the thing that triggered him/ her to think and write that particular way… to know what was going on in the back of mind and in the forefront of his/her. wowww!!!! this is too good. Loved it.My prayers and wishes for your 'Happily ever after'. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for liking the post. Appreciate all the blessing you shower :)This post was composed while my li'l one slept peacefully by my side last night and I just could not think of anything to start off with "P". Somehow, it started off as a piece of cake…and then I changed it to Piece of Pie. The topics for each para just came coming to me :)So glad someone out there thinks like me…i am always intrigued to look for a part of the writer in the posts that I read!

  4. Wow! glad to read this ! expressions are simply great, words just flowing, loved every bit of it ! congrats for being selected in the woven tale press magazine and thanks for sharing !

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