Nerds I love

Now every time my teacher in school would throw a piece of chalk at me to draw my attention, to the highly relevant topic being discussed, I would look around (not embarrassed) for some supportive elements in the circle. Some would smile and show some reassurance, some would look with disgust and then there were some who would glance with despicable eyes as if I am an anti social element of the society that would corrupt their ponds of pristine know-how. You know who they were.
Nerd-The epitome of intelligence but social rejects.
My whole life I reasoned myself that the breed of ‘nerds’ is to be avoided and even ridiculed due to their non-existent social status and lets just say that they were just not snazzy, fashionable, funny or socially adequate.
And then…. Ross Geller happened!
I completely fell in love with this character. He was loving, caring, goofy, a fashion disaster but a highly intelligent character. His obsession with dinosaurs was at an unbelievable high that convinced my mind that fossils could be interesting. He was brilliant in his subject and had all the knowledge about associated areas. No wonder he would start off with the jabber at the drop of a hat only to baffle his friends even further. He was okay being the butt of jokes because he knew ‘he knows better’.
His unsuccessful love affairs convinced me that he was only meant for one. Not me. Rachel Greene. Their love story not only took the sitcom world by storm but it taught me a whole lot of things about love, passion, forgiveness and togetherness. I was all teary eyed when they finally made peace with each other and decided to be together forever in the final episode of the final season. ‘They’re lobsters’ Phoebe quipped about them.

Of course, I was teary eyed also, because I won’t see him again on TV (Of course, a friend later gifted me the whole 10 seasons, so i won’t continuously chatter about it)

Anyhow, Ross proved to me that it’s not the outward appearance but the inward emotion that interests me. My newfound respect for the nerd originated from there.
As if this was not enough… Sheldon Cooper happened!
He is a Caltech theoretical physicist (I didn’t even know what that is before he happened). Always proud to announce that he has an IQ of 187, this man-child entered my heart, just about immediately. He is always vocal about his superior intellect and displays extreme intelligence and rigid logics. So you see, theoretical physicists are better off and much hip than engineers (Howard) and biologists (Amy). He is obsessed with his non-flexible routine and is a bit of a narcissist, so much so, that he may appear to have a superiority complex (Dr. Sheldon Cooper-you see). He possesses child-like qualities like the way he does not understand sarcasm, humor or irony. Also his stubbornness is insanely adorable.
What makes him my star is also his ability to carry off ‘Superman’ (and other super hero) t-shirts with élan and as an over-rated fashion statement. His relationship with his friends is a love-hate one and whether they like it or not they simply cannot avoid him whatsoever. Amy, his so-called girlfriend, is tolerant of him and knows how to set him right. Sheldon does not seem to be romantic so Amy finds ways to be around him and involve him in the relationship further. Lets not forget that he attained his Ph.D. at the age of sixteen! No wonder he never really got any time to explore his sexuality in his growing years. J
Sheldon Cooper continues to bring humor in my life every evening with his atrocious sense of supersonic intelligence. I wonder, ‘Only if nerds were as cute in real life’! Sigh!
Bazinga!! Now if you’ll excuse me, I am off to getting hit by ‘The Big Bang Theory’.
In the meantime, you enjoy some Sheldon Cooper wisdom:

 Image courtesy : Google


23 thoughts on “Nerds I love

  1. LOVED your post! We are huge Big Bang fans and especially love Sheldon Cooper. His famous lines infiltrate our daily conversations including singing "Soft Kitty". :)And for the record, NERDS ROCK!Visiting from A to Z

  2. On screen characters always have an adorable side to their persona….but to live with one is a challenge esp if you're a free-spirited romantic!!A good read nonetheless…admire the unwavering zeal with which you write everyday…you are a 400 word per day person and that's pretty nerdy !!!!

  3. Hey… I agree Sheldon is awesome… But how can u forget Leonard or Ted … Remember ted trying to explain a architecture of some God forsaken building to his countless girlfriends … Who eventually dump him…me too as a kid used to hate guys who were always keen to answer to teachers questions , and i hates those ones specially who said I LOVE MATHS.. God they were like Satan's reincarnation … But then i met rohit shroff my room mate in college… He showed that u can be nerd nd cool at the same time…since then i have not feared nerds unless they said they love maths…

  4. I am a huge fan of both of your favorite nerds. Not long ago I was talking with a friend about how great it is that to be smart has gained popularity instead of being the stigma that it was when we were growing up. Back in those days, there was a lot of ridicule for being intelligent and it was always made so obvious that there was no way to try to downplay it. They didn't start the 'gifted' classes at normal class start time, so everyone knew where I was going when I had to leave the regular class in the middle to go there. Yay for making being a nerd a good thing!

  5. Happy to say most of my friends are Nerds and My DD is a Stellar Nerd…worked hard to be one in fact. Nerds are cool.Don't care for either of those tv shows, but Nerds Rule! A-ZLove the colorful background on your blog

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