Mirror Man

This is the twenty-first century and the male vanity is finally coming out of the closet after being kept in wraps for way too long. Today, the metrosexual man uses his disposable income to fuel his pride by spending money in purchasing high-end male cosmetics and accessories to compliment his attire. Hence a whole array of men’s cosmetics has flooded the market scene- deodorants, fairness creams, hair gels, talc and what not! Undoubtedly, the men’s grooming products is the booming market now.

Here is a man who spends more time in the shower with an array of shower gels and body exfoliates, spends more money on hair and skin products, goes to the salon for a mani-pedi and even advises women about nail care.

How do we identify this man? Let see – He has a perfect complexion and precisely gelled hair and you can see him busy inspecting a display of costly aftershaves in a departmental store. He is possibly the one who wears Mont Blanc aftershave, designer jackets, corduroy shirts, slacks, motorcycle boots and Tommy Hilfiger underwear because nothing else ‘really’ matters. This metrosexual man is confident of his sexuality and has no qualms wrapping his masculinity behind a pink linen shirt.

Now lets understand that our mirror man has nothing to do with the so-called ‘sexuality’ debate. Not that he has forsaken it completely. You see 3 million years of it is hard to annihilate! He is just a man who cares a great deal about outward appearance and sensitivity and has an amazing sense of solidarity with men and women alike.
A totally trendy guy who is sensitive to a women’s feelings, dress and spirituality – this man is tuned into the very essence and vitality of women. Seemingly a God sent for the feminine ego! He notices every detail, is a meticulous fashion-conscience and a fabulous dresser who appreciates all the femininity coming from every pore of womankind. He would never be wary of complimenting you on your new purse or even your red lipstick. He has an acute fashion sense, all so appealing to the womankind and would happily oblige you by painting your toenails.

So the next time you look yourself in the mirror and call out ‘Am I looking fat?’ He would not mince his words and tell you just that. No fret because he will also tell you that you need to wear a different cut or color to highlight the best curves. There’s your mirror man.

Image courtesy : Google

P.S. : This post is dedicated to my dear husband whose shower cabinet has more cosmetics than mine and which never goes out of stock 🙂


10 thoughts on “Mirror Man

  1. I think that mirror men are more secure than macho men because they are not afraid to show that they take care of themselves. It's also nice to see men getting more in touch with this aspect because the metrosexual man is more in tune and attentive to things which matter to us as women too. Of course a man who spends too much time and energy on the outside appearance is just as annoying as a woman who does it. Balance in all things is great.

  2. Well observed … but somehow i still wud appreciate a man more for intellect and less for knowing the fragrances …..Neways … atleast here is a man who is just what he is … i hope … n nt just sb aping a trend ….

  3. Well observed … but somehow i still wud appreciate a man more for intellect and less for knowing the fragrances …..Neways … atleast here is a man who is just what he is … i hope … n nt just sb aping a trend ….

  4. Ya , of course I agree that a man must display intellect even in the way that he dresses. However, I guess the metrosexual man should be given some credence considering he has the guts to display his vanity without any qualms- shows much confidence in himself!! Don't you think?

  5. i have a nerd here at home!doin my bit everyday to add some meterosexual touch..hehe.."BALANCE" i think thats the key..a well turned out man is definately more likable!

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