Love me for a reason

Ah! The ‘L’ word and you’d say-‘how predictable’. Nonetheless, whenever this alphabet is spelled, the first word that always comes to my mind is Love considering I am so much of a believer.
Love brings with it a whole array of other emotions – kindness, compassion, friendship, trust, romance and divinity. The assortment in its meaning makes it unusually difficult to define since it is combined with the intricacy of the feelings involved. Love shapes the basis of our survival-to keep us away from jeopardy and to facilitate the continuation of species.
You must feel it to believe it. Love is beautiful and makes you fly, walk on the clouds, transit you to another world. I may sound poetic here, but the fact still remains that whoever is in love need to just close their eyes to be able to tour the skies- no technology required.
It is always a delight to see couples share warm glances, hold hands, lean on each other, utter sweet nothings in each other’s ears. It’s astounding how everyone, including you and me (true that!), is inspired by it. So why moralize? Why even hide it- from people, from yourself?
For me the equation has always been: Love = Liberation! Simple. It’s an emotion that sets you free, gives you immense happiness and faith in the goodness of other beings and things around you. Brings with it tremendous energy and intensity. It is a promise that no matter what, they will never let go. Wow! No wonder it strengthens our belief in  you are not alone, I am here with you’. Beyond separation and togetherness.
I completely believe in displays of affection so it never stops me from pouring out my regard. Holding hands and hugs are my staple – such a warm expression!
So try this- lock each other’s little finger while walking, hold hands at mealtime, share a sunset quietly, smell her hair, soak in the rain. Stretch your arms and reach out.
Feel. Bask.
Love is therapeutic.

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16 thoughts on “Love me for a reason

  1. What a beautiful post. I agree with you about love…it is freeing and life affirming. I'll admit that I had closed myself off to it for several years but am now open to the possibility again. I have to say that allowing it back into my life feels so much better…even if it does mean taking a risk of being hurt again. Glad you wrote about love for your L! 🙂

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