Knock Knock


‘Who’s there?’

‘Open the door damn it, I’m not gonna be here forever’

‘Who is it??!!’

Opportunity would not knock twice!
How many times do we face a situation like this when we’ve been so scared to answer the door not realizing what stands at the other end of the door is actually our calling! I have had many such slips twixt the cup and the lip kind of moments. And so I know how it feels to have missed an opportunity.

A business deal gone wrong, a date stood up, a series of heartbreaks could have been saved had we addressed the knock on the door in time. More often we are so focused on the closed door behind us that we do not notice the door that’s just opened up for us.
What has been left behind is always priceless and we keep clinging on to it, not realizing what once was a reason for existence is no longer a part of our life, anymore. It is gone. Forever. Our heartstrings are so caught up on the hook that we are often afraid to take the flight. Let go.
It takes immense courage for us to move on from our past failures. Yet, it’s not an impossible feat. So I say, give it a push. Pull through. Be curious and take a leap. It may seem like you are leading nowhere, but keep faith and …keep moving.
When you push through a difficult project, you don’t get to the other side. You reach ‘The Next Level’.
~ Robin Sharma.
Rome was not built in a day. I am sure it took a lot of sweat and toil. Similarly, life will seek a lot of sweat and toil from you and the best you can do is play along. For your own sake.
Keep an eye ahead to the future, keep you heart clear with belief and keep an ear open for a knock!

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