I was sitting in a café, thinking about the title of my next post for the A to Z challenge when I was woken up from my day slumber by a friend, who I was supposed to meet there. My friend and I got chatty about issues that loom large on our world and how we can help save our universe by taking measures to destroy all that is a cause of pain and menace. Before, you get guessing how we both eventually decided to shoulder the burden well fitted for Superman, let me assure you, like every mom to a 5 & 7 year olds respectively, our conversations were also revolving around issues back at home and how we can help each other save ourselves from heartburns!
After a platter full of agendas already discussed, in order to seek suggestions, I asked her ‘what is it that I can write which starts with the alphabet J’. And then we both went into our separate mind spheres to hunt for the best-suited title. Just then a girl passed by, face covered to block the sun, orange spaghetti and a flashy pair of jeans, er, jeggins! We both could not help but notice the throw of colors on a lean frame. My friend yelled ‘jeans…. write about jeans!’ And I thought, WHY?

Long story short, here I am talking about just that! Anyhow, the inspiration, of course, is the girl in the flashy jeggins. Without being judgmental (maybe a little)- why would somebody wear a color mix of black and blue step cousin of jeans-jeggins, studded with large glitters on the back pocket and a large floral decal on the right thigh? No exaggeration, truly. That was a sight and I wondered, ‘what a long way to have travelled- Jeans!’
Starting off as work pants in the early 20thcentury and popularized as waist overalls by 1960s, jeans managed to become the staple of every wardrobe by the 1970s. With 1980s came the revolution of stone washed pants (in my life too), that my sibling and I and many other friends proudly put on to flaunt on every picnic, birthday party or the neighbor’s house. Thanks to Kumar Gaurav and Vijeta Pandit’s Love Story, the markets were flooded with this blue wonder, not Viagra! Even though how they both aspire to keep us young is but just a coincidence… haha!

Like all teenagers, I had a fancy to my blue pair of jeans. They would go with any top and make me look slimmer than I actually was. Plus a bonus on one of the birthdays was another blue denim skirt, which stayed on with me till the end of school. J How these memories can brighten up your days? And with songs like Purani Jeans sealing the nostalgia forever. Also, bringing in a realization- ‘you ain’t fitting back in those anymore, missy!’ Sigh!
Anyhow, with the 1990s Jeans were the only piece of lowers that multiplied by 6 in my wardrobe – when the world was introduced to Carpenter jeans, Boot-cut jeans, Drainpipe jeans & Low-rise jeans. How much there was to choose from. Well, that’s another story that after much experimentation, I am stuck with the straight cut that best suits my body type. And lo, it’s time already for my little miss fashioniesta to begin experimenting.  

Time changes and so many other things along the way. However, a big salute to Mr. Strauss for bringing in this piece of garment that lives on even today in the form of pants, skirts, shorts, capris, dungarees, jackets, shrugs and of course the jeggins! Now’s the time to mention how many of those are already sitting pretty in the wardrobe well below the recent ones, with a lean hope of fitting into my waist again…till later, of course!
I have no idea, how and why this post will ever relate to anyone, but I guess the next time you’re walking past a roadside hawker selling jeans and a gawky youngster shouts ‘bhai saab mere size ka jean pant dena’ am sure you won’t help but smile and remember this post.

Before I wrap up, I dedicate this song to my ‘old jeans’ (right! the ones I don’t fit into anymore):


7 thoughts on “Jeans

  1. hmmm..i seem to be ur most loyal visitor lapping up all your posts..hehe..this topic is again so close to my heart.I still have my blue old wrangler jeans still in my closet hoping to fit in some day..jeans instantly make me feel younger! very well written post!

  2. Now worries, keep visiting…I love to hear from you.Ah! of course jeans are an all time fashion correction. You can never go wrong with a well fitted pair of jeans. Even I hope I fit into my old ones …sigh!

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