How I met the Sun :)

This post won a Nokia Lumia 620 for Neutrogena IndiBlogger blogging contest.

Growing up in a small hill town where winters were harsh, I found myself always longing for the warmth of the winter sun. Even though snowfalls were dreamy and always welcome, having a bit of sunshine would instantly lift up the day.

As I grew and moved out of my nest, I felt the need to be protected. Never considered that it would be an inclusion to my list of needed things, as I never really felt vulnerable ever before. This post actually does not address that but yes, protection I needed, all sorts. Also from the sun!
After numerous experiments with sun screens/sun blocks and experiences with dermatologists, I found seldom protected.  Now why should I shy away from saying that it rained solutions for skin care everywhere and I was all too glad getting drenched?  I must have made use of all these products in a bid to stay ‘fair and lovely’ and hence put guinea pigs to shame.
In spite of the fact that we all know how bad we can get scorched in the summer sun, I am an outdoor kind of girl and love to bask in the sun. So my solution was to pick up the best stuff with the highest SPF in the market. Needless to say, how wrong I have been in making my choices so far. I was in despair.
Now that I have set the story to pace, let me cut to present day. I am now back from my first ever bloggers’ meet in JW Marriot, Juhu –NeutrogenaIndiBlogger meet, that I instantly opted for, as soon as I saw the invite. Since I had no experience or a contact who had any, I was all too excited, anxious and nervous in anticipation. As soon as I entered the hotel lobby my eyes met my first IndiBlogger pal Sonal Pandya. She was a first timer too and we discussed how we perceived these meetings to be. 

As soon as the doors were open to us for registration, I knew I was stepping into an unknown. You see, I am not even a month old to blogging and here I was absolutely raw and unaware as to what is in store. Soon the crowd filled up the room and people found their groups. ‘I don’t belong to any’, I thought, ‘yet’. The most striking thing was the ambience. Yellow all over and people bubbling with energy. Quite some time back, I was well acquainted with something like this, but now, it’s been a while. I was so excited (which, by the way, is clearly evident in the pictures here.)
Icebreakers and group shuffles reminded me of training sessions I have been taking half of my life. This was similar, yet different. This was more fun; I was a participant! Games galore and even more prizes were being distributed. I didn’t get any, but that was not to keep my spirits from being any dim. Along the way I met some more people-friendly and snobbish, novice and experts.
Post a lavish high tea; Tara Sharma came on stage as a guest speaker. I was sitting at the last table in the room and as soon as she made her place, center stage, I could see the whole room lit up instantly. Was it the sunny yellow dress or the unbelievable shine on her cheeks or was it her stammer to pronounce the word ‘dermatologists’. She was a hit with me instantly. Her goofiness was endearing and so was her experience from being an actor, a mother and a blogger to a TV host for a show. She convinced us how Neutrogena is an integral part of her skin care regime. I thought, ‘For her sake only, I can use the products’.
That was not enough and Dr. Parekh took charge to explain how Neutrogena is way better than other fancy products in the market. The whole science behind it was impressive. The meeting concluded with a Harlem Shake. It was all too fun watching the crazy moves and youngsters trying to outdo each other.  Soon it was time for us to make a move albeit I had forgotten to pose in front of the banner. How could I have missed that and so a staff from was kind enough to grace. Smile. Pose. Click!

 I drove back home happy to have been amongst a bubble of energy with a T-shirt and Neutrogena products in tow, thinking, ‘not really sure when and how I will use them’. It’s been 4 days since and I have been using the products every day. I do see a considerable difference in my skin. Tara Sharma was, indeed, the right choice to endorse.

‘I’m going to shine!’

Now sunny days don’t scare me as much, for I am now ‘protected’ under the yellow umbrella. Before this post turns into a then and now kind-a commercial, let me remind you that even though I may sound like I have been paid to write all this stuff, well I haven’t. The above mentioned is another of my experiments on my ‘solace seeking’ skin and Oh I am so glad for the ‘Yellow Umbrella’.

Concluding with this poem by Stephanie Kim and hoping I meet the sun head-on every time:

The sun shines right at me,

It makes me blind when it stares at me.
I could see my shadow next to me,
So bold and black,
But the sun fixes that.
When the sun turns away into the clouds
The world starts to darken.
So dark and black
I wonder and wonder will it ever come back?

Umbrella picture courtesy : Google.
Helioplex picture courtesy : Neutrogena


21 thoughts on “How I met the Sun :)

  1. I sure had a lot of fun….the secret being I did not know a dime about what it was all about. Plus I had been a member of IndiBlogger just 4 days when this happened and I was absolutely clueless as to what indiBlogger really is! Ha!

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