Islands of Solitude

April 9, 2013 11:22 p.m.

For a very long time, many hours, I kept contemplating on my blog post for the ‘A to Z challenge’ word prompt for tomorrow-‘I’. Many ideas originated in my mind and many got eliminated even after being translated on paper (well, MS word). It’s almost time for me to sleep now, and here I am again with a blank slate (ok! MS Word, it is!). Since the launch of this challenge, I’ve always submitted my post at the beginning of the day and I did not want to disturb the routine. What is it that I am going to do? I simply dread missing deadlines….’Don’t worry, I think, something’s going to occur to you’. And I sleep on it.
April 10, 2013 5.43 a.m.: 

After much deliberation and a hot cuppa, I stopped at the letter ‘I’. Me. Myself. For the purpose of making my point clear, I take the risk of sounding self-absorbed.
Like everyone else who is all but seized in the realms of a profuse establishment, I have also, more often than not, found myself anxious to head out in the wilderness where only the soft sounds of the chirping crickets penetrate the quiet. Mundane tasks of the day, every day battles often take a lot of our energy and we are left inert even for regular functionalities. So much of clamor and chaos around us makes us want to drive up the wall. That’s when our mind wanders off to places we want to be-ourselves. One.
I have been on my own for a very long time and some of my friends keep reminding me what a bliss it is. Agree. However, there are times when one wants to talk, opinionate, discuss, ideate or generally just have a nothingness conversation. That’s when you’re drawn back from your reality to escapades far and beyond. If you find yourself in this place without a feeling of oneness, you’re on an island of loneliness. Now before this absorbs you completely, you need to get back to the shore. Believe me, because I say it with conviction, its not one of the places you really want to be.
Whenever our thoughts take us elsewhere, we are also accompanied by the consideration that initially drove us away. So in all likelihood we’re not actually alone too. We are but soaking ourselves in our own beliefs and twining ourselves into alternate worlds. That is where dreams of reality are conceived. Those, my friend, are the islands of solitude. You might want to hold on to them a bit longer since they would help you dream and visualize them at the same time. This is where, you know, you have discovered the inner peace, the oneness with self. 
Every time I picture myself alone, I find myself by the side of a quiet lake. Somehow, just the thought itself makes me calm. I feel the whiff of the soft breeze in my hair and chin up towards the clear blue sky, sipping the breaths one at a time. That’s when I know I am one with myself. I tread into the unknown, that by virtue of my continued escapades, is pretty much known to me by now. I like visiting my islands of solitude, often. And I call them islands, since they are usually uninhabited and every time I visit, it’s a new one!
As a reflection, I say, the difference between loneliness and solitude is rather dim. Rationally, it’s the thought itself that causes the difference- the mind itself drawing a parallel.

For the purpose of getting wings to your thoughts and to be able to find solace in the voids, visit the islands of solitude often. You’ll find treasures you’d cherish forever. 

And, by the way, have you gone past beyond the thread of loneliness? Let me warn you , maybe, you have reached the point of no return. Maybe… you’re stranded.

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10 thoughts on “Islands of Solitude

  1. solitude is desirable or even necessary..when we are puttin our best in other spheres of life and need time for reflection,about proirities in life..solve the unsolved and dream new ..but if its loneliness or boredom or escaping harsh realities the trigger ..TIME TO GET BACK to the real world!

  2. Nice…I like to visit my islands of solitude too. You are right about the distinction between this and loneliness. I've been on my own for quite a while too and have to keep myself in check at times to keep from allowing lonely feelings to settle in very deeply. Being one with ourselves is so important. Thank you for sending me the new address. Now I can keep visiting. Love your blog and reading your thoughts. You seem like someone I'd love to sit and chat with over a cup of tea. 🙂

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