Have a heart!

(Of course I do! Oh, but really?)
Now this is an established fact that more often than not, during our pursuit of  lives and livelihood, we seldom realize that we are required to contribute much more than just getting busy with our lives. About a few years ago, I chanced upon doing some minor work in Delhi as a part of a Go-Green campaign. It was a slight effort towards “making our world a better place”. In spite of enormous labor towards the campaign, this remains a pursuit, still. I did not “change the world into a better place”, but I surely took my first step, then.
Anyhow, about two years back I moved to Mumbai in a bid to invest some “me” time and some soul searching. Along the way, I observed life, through a varied kaleidoscopic view, which altered the meaning of so many other things in my own life. 
Existence in the new city, in the beginning, was nothing short of a trial. From the purchases to destinations, everything was an experiment. Along the way came my experience of the world around me. I observed everything from the airports and 5-star hotel lounges to train tracks and tapris. Stark contrast and shocking how we’re suspended in between, desiring to bridge the gap, that is hell far wider than the dent made in history due to the holocaust.
From water-to-facilities-to-housing-to-clothing. I see people struggle to make their existence judicious enough to pass off as “merely living”. And here you go saying, “but… that’s the reality and there’s hardly anything we can do about it.” The truth is – we can definitely do something about it. Have a heart!

 No plastic bags, cans, banana peels off the moving cars/buses/trains. No trash by the sidewalk. No dog poop right in the middle of the children’s park. Saving water, for God’s sake. And would you please turn off the light where the invisible reader lives? We can do something. We all can! Let’s at least attempt to start. Here I have another one- food in the gutter? Now, that’s a shame! Imagine a starving child by the side of a gutter looking, longingly, at food bits floating in dirt…Seriously, have a heart!

Rag pickers and street performers, barely children out of their cocoons, are left to gorge on food off the dump. This affects me. And I guess it should affect you, too.
How conveniently do we unload the cause of all our misfortunes on the government…are we at the least trying to do our bit?
So I say, the next time your clothes, shoes, toys, food go in the dumpster think of donating instead.
My appeal- Have a heart!

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10 thoughts on “Have a heart!

  1. heart tuggin…rainbow hues is such an appropriate title for you..you are a wonderful woman..keep up the good work ..lookin forward to read more..and yes no food in garbage bag now..

  2. How nice of you to have dropped in. Thanks for the encouragement….Guess amongst our daily chores we must also list down one thing that we'd do for others !Thanks, keep visiting 🙂

  3. well… u almost have a solution … but an average Middle Class Indian barters worn out and old clothes with a plastic bucket or steel utensils …. well, I do my bit …but thats all ..wish that was enough.. its been years since I am giving back my bit and thanking Almighty for allowing me a lot better life than an average human .. on earth !!! How many realize this ? Why do they not have the heart for others and remain busy cribbing about what all they are yet to achieve !! would love to revisit !!

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