Gangnam Style

When the song hit the tube and became viral with the maximum number of hits in the history of you tube, we really did not know what really wrecked us!
By far it was the most popular and the least chic available entertainment of the year. Followed by tweets about Aishwarya’s weighty issues and how Rowdy Rathore just killed cinema. But that’s another story and I’ll get back to that later (maybe another post).
The most unfortunate thing is how the Asians were generally perceived around the globe as animated beings with obnoxious moves. The absurdities presented were nothing short of a rip in the garbage bag while on a take-out to toss. Obviously, in spite of the hostile illogicalities portrayed to match the dance moves, the makers of the video/music really did not mind the cash registers rolling.

The whole country seemed to be brazenly enjoying the music (if you allow me to call it that) convincing them to karaoke a song they barely understand. But who cares? How about having girls and boys dance at a birthday party, separately (twice the torment)? How about ranching the dance floor with well practiced and emulated steps? How about raiding the jukebox and playing this on a loop? The police might as well use this for convicts to have them barf out their trade secrets.
As if this was not enough, Puja Entertainment (for Rangrezz) decided that even the utterly famished family in Latur dances to the tunes, what with altered choreography and divergent steps borrowed from lavni & koli, all in a bid to connect with the masses. What now?
Anyway, it’s not actually the song that is at fault to pollute the music, it’s the name. The title of the song is borrowed from the name of the wealthiest district in Korea, which is infamous for the acute fashion style, hence Gangnam Style. Now, PSY might as well be talking about the detestable dressing style of the people in the district or even about the girl who he thinks is most suited for him, we don’t know that for sure (in spite of the innumerable translations provided for the lyrics online). But no sir, since the song is a fad, we love it!
Just goes on to show, how we just follow whatever we’re being led into. It’s not just about this song. It’s about how we make our choices- what’s viral! Ah, well, guess that’s what is depicted in the general attitude of the people as well while choosing to portray themselves-Gangnam Style, eh?
And now what’s with the harlem shake? There goes…

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17 thoughts on “Gangnam Style

  1. Well no one .. I m sure not even mark zuccherberg actually understands the dynamics of viral marketing… We had our gangnam style even before psy happened . Kolaveri di… God knows what clicked on that song as well.. I mean people have tried to explain by sayin it had really catchy tune , funny lyrics etc etc.. But frankly why Chandigarh discos will have remixed Tamil song playin is beyond comprehension… So like VIRAL FEVERS , Viral marketing is an enigma….

  2. I'm with you on not understanding how things go viral. This song is awful! Love what you said about using it to make criminals barf out their trade secrets lol. Makes me want to barf for sure. 😉

  3. When ‘Kolaveri Di’ went viral I honestly couldn’t comprehend what the hype was about. I observed the video carefully and apart from a regular parody didn’t notice much. So later when I read somewhere that the professors of IIM (A) have adopted it as a case study, I was further intrigued. Following the reviews, it slowly struck that it was actually the Indian diaspora and the new media proliferation that created the domino effect. Global Indian discovered an instant connect with their homeland…and the video itself tapped onto a large virgin market. I think Psy’s Gangnam Style potentially follows a similar psychology. The Asians community is by large a very emotional society…and are always on the look out for cultural connect opportunities. Probably that is also why Asian artists are more popular abroad rather their home countries. Personally I love PG since it measures high on the entertainment quotient. A situation turns light or comic when you mimic the moves…. nonetheless keep up the good work Kajal…thanks for providing food for thought!

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