(Thank God it’s) Friday!!

How many people in the forum are in accordance with me that Friday is the best day of the week? Aaahhh!! Well I see all hands raised and I am not surprised J. The mortal beings, like me, who slog through the week, are left all gasping for a last breath of Friday!
As every weekday progresses, I have colleagues, friends, and pals across the globe hankering for the arrival of the weekend. Friday celebrations start at noon and voila, the weekend plans get rolling.

Most of their plans read like this-
  • Party/Drinks at a bar/friend’s place
  • Date with the girlfriend/boyfriend
  • Out of town visit with friends/family
  • Spend quality time at home with the kiddo
  • Sleep through the weekend
  • Etcetera

The above list is obviously a treasured piece of sterling and I would love to have it all ticked out for me as well, however, what actually keeps my mind utterly occupied throughout the week is –Friday!! And what’s at the movies? True story!

Google Image

 I am a self-proclaimed movie lover and I can watch just about anything and everything barring, maybe the ones I’ve scanned out (read: horror flicks). You name it and I’d want to jump on it. What with thrillers, comedies, mushy romances, suspense, drama… anything! The whole week is spent in the preparation of “My Friday” that involves inspection of releases due online, watching trailers, checking the songs and researching about the actors, in case it’s a fresh face I’m dealing with. Now the interesting fact is that my social obligations revolve around the same, as well. The grocery shopping, kiddo’s priceless trips to McDonald’s and chatting with the friends/family all move ahead a day.

Having said that, let’s just round it up that my weekend plans are based on the release on Friday. If it’s a romance or anything with Salman Khan, it needs to be wrapped up on Friday itself. Anything else can wait till Saturday. Yeah, it does not really stop at that. It is absolutely mandatory for me to share my views about the movie I’ve seen, with the people I know – whether they like it or not. However, I’m glad I do get to hear from certain friends that it helped them take their pick at the movies and yeah, sometimes saved them precious money! So, anytime you stop by at my FB page on a weekend…there I am, pouring out my excitement or angst, as the case may be.
Google Image
Now, considering that you know how Friday looks like for me… chalti hai kya nau se barah? Care to join?


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