Damon Bradley. The destined one.

It was the year 1994 when this occurred in my life. I was a blossoming teenager (in every way, mind you) and the movie “Only You” was released. I was all excited to see the movie as I’d heard how romantic the movie was. Somehow a group of friends and I managed to get this VHS and the show began late in the evening at home among a lot of clamor and girlish giggles.

While the rest of the audience clearly found less or rather no interest in the plot , the crowd began thinning but I stayed glued to the screen as if this movie was meant for my eyes only-well, in this case, for my heart only. I had not come across a love story (yet) where everything seemed so magical and surreal. I began seeing myself as Faith and oh! so longing for Damon Bradley, who was supposedly “the” soul mate.

The first thing that struck me was how Faith (true to her name) believed everything that the Ouija board declared and considered binding for her. That her soul mate, Damon Bradley, was somewhere in this world and that she must find him. The second striking thing was, all her growing years passed thinking where, how and when she would meet him! And finally, when she could, she follows the trail of an unknown man and in fact, discovers the man of her dreams. Her journey takes her to exotic Italy and she finds herself foolishly in love with someone who, as per Ouija, is actually not the one she initially ran to look for. The rest is, as you would know… Ah! Amor.

Now, why did I have to narrate this story? Because, I sought that too, like perhaps, every other young girl. Here was a movie, far away from our realistic, cynical age, where you could find a couple of fools completely in love. Oh! How much mush there was seeing them happier together than apart. I wanted exactly that and I was as anxious as she was. Somebody who could fall hopelessly in love, without repent. In spite of how despairing this may sound, I wandered about looking for my soul mate (well, now when I look back,that’s exactly how it seems like!). My search, of course, did not really take me to Italy, in spite of how I’d wish, but you see however inflated my desire to fly overseas was – I had “Faith”.

Just like the lady lost in anticipation to find her preordained match, my journey ended too, when I eventually found him. Just like her I knew I had someone who cared and loved me much but was not the one who Ouija board said, it was. In the heart of hearts, I just knew that he actually is. He may not have been clothed in the armor atop a white horse as promised(!); yet, he was there, all the time. The rest is, as you would know…Ah! Amor.

Moral: We may keep looking for our soul mate all our lives! The truth is, he’s right there and has been all along. Maybe you were so busy looking ahead, in anticipation of a fairytale that you never noticed he was walking along- right by your side. Damon Bradley, the destined one.


8 thoughts on “Damon Bradley. The destined one.

  1. Not really…but thanks for the read :)Also another piece of trivia is that this movie was also translated for the indian audience in the form of "Aur Pyar ho Gaya" ….OMG!! That one was a complete disaster!!

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