The word instantly reminds me of oodles of chocolate-flowing fountain somewhere in my dreams and I see myself leaping shamelessly, brazenly to lap it up, as if the last threads of my life are clung on to it!

Like all children (okay, most children) I have been fond of chocolates for as long as I can remember. I, somehow, cannot track back to when I had the first bite of the wonder-bean, but O-h-M-y-G-o-d, since then, there has been no looking back.

As a child, I remember, a rupee would cost us 4 éclairs or one éclair pop. That was an occasional treat (due to lack of funds, you see!). Back then it was more of a way to boast of, in front of our friends, as to who can buy the maximum amount, given the limited pocket money that we had. And yes, we would trade our treats with friends for other kinds of goodies. Mind you, a chocolate is always a prized possession; therefore the best piece would always stay back in the goodie-bag. No trading there!

Adolescence brought with it “a gift for someone you love” and anyone who would bring me those would become my love forever. I remember most of them were given to me by someone I knew I would keep loving all my life, nevertheless-my sibling!

Anyhow, as I grew, chocolates became more of a fancy and gorging on them was more of a princess’ treat. Why? Actually, they were available in rationed quantities, since the closed-caged-turned-hostel did not have any stores and we had to have friends smuggle them for us, from outside. What pleasant days 🙂

Once I started dating, chocolates were aplenty. I was in the best phase of my life. I was like, swimming in a sea of chocolates- long laps, long distances and I guess I reached really far, far away to my dreamland of chocolate lakes and flowing chocolate fountains, when the doctor announced right into my ear– OVERWEIGHT!!

There… My world came crumbling down like a house of cards. Now was my turn to withdraw and I could feel my heart cringe at the thought of it. For the first time, ever, I would read the count of calories on the pack before taking a bite. I would watch people lace me with eyes of disgust, thinking, I would die like a whale bloated with water, someday. Anyhow, this had to continue for a bit more before I got another chance to indulge completely. I landed back in my honeymoon with the chocolates, pregnant.

I would not have been more astonished if the little one would have been born with an éclair pop in her hand! In fact, my little angel’s first words could very well have been “chocolate”, lest I forced her to utter “mama” instead. I can say that now, because when I see her binge on chocolates…I know she learnt that from me when I was 5. I know, now, that my deficit has found solace in her abundance. All my life I have had the privilege to enjoy what I love…my love moved from one sweet to another…her!

I may, now, get an occasional urge to grab a bite myself, but that’s just a solace. The real revenge is when I see my little one attack the pack. Now, if you want to know how to get the real taste of chocolate-watch this…

Till later,

~ Rainbow Hues


13 thoughts on “Chocolate

  1. Its like a personal memoir … a page out of a daily diary … nice touch …. And yes choclates sure have the ability to make my day … and it has nthng to do with age ….

  2. I always get chocolates from my kids when ever they see me down with stress or any other reason… they really dont know that that the hug n kisses that i get from them is my chocolate which makes me smile n gives strength to fight again…loved it Kajal.. Grt job..Rinky

  3. Wow!!! What a write…. Loved it…U made me smile and I could actually see u going thru all those stages of life which u explained while reading this blog…. Very well written… Love the emotions in this note…. God bless….

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