Busy Bee

As soon as we mention honeybees we instantly come up with the associated adjective of “busy”. Now, honeybees have a very peculiar habitat culture that makes them synonymous with busy.
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Here’s how they keep themselves busy and how their entire survival depends on it. Throughout their lives they thrive to keep their habitat alive, associates healthy and larvae prospering. They work hard each day, relentlessly, to protect and save what is the genesis of their life. There are some great lessons one can learn from them.

Five of the best lessons I learnt from them are:

Adapting: Bees thrive in all kinds of environments, natural as well as domesticated environments. Wherever do you place them, they create their home and engineer their life around the environment.

Nesting: The workers, mostly female, create a large nest with well-insulated interiors. The key is that they work together, support each other and create as per the plan. They are responsible for the larvae and the upkeep of the colony.

Sustenance: During any of the seasons, winter or summer, the bees maintain their hives with a constant temperature. The survival of each and every bee in the hive depends on this; therefore, maintaining the environment is of utmost importance to them. Sustaining it, every season, is the target.

Togetherness: Bees use their metabolic heat to provide warmth to all individuals of a colony. “Stick with each other” is the mantra. Alternatively, they use the liquid from stored nectar as an evaporative coolant and that keeps them cool during warmer seasons. Smart beings that they are, they bring the bunch together.

Respect: An unusual fact about bees is that, their leader in the queen bee, a female. All other bees maintain respect and move with the queen bee wherever she moves or is moved. Her command is honored and it’s by her dictate that the character of the hive is created.

Here, I may have just shared five little facts about bees that keep them busy and thriving. But these facts are really messages to us mortal beings to remind us of lessons, which we probably are moving away from. Lets all remind ourselves that to keep existing, we need to keep ourselves busy…..doing what is best for our culture and habitat. 

As they say, “all good things come in small packages”, and so I bring this short message form a tiny little being that teaches us bigger life lessons!


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