You are beautiful

At 16, you’re the best-looking person, you know. Ready to take on the world, you need the least care with amazing results. All that is required is a smile and you could light a thousand bulbs.

At 25, the start of your sole journey, you get a hand on various products to bring that shine to your cheek. The world is at your feet and the moon is at an arm’s length. You’re beautiful…

At 32, the rise of crow’s feet and smile shadows give you sleepless nights. Worries take over and slights ride over. A run for beauty tips, fairness formulas and quick tips leave you exhausted.

All this makes you feel that as you grow, you need to take care of your beauty even more…. right?


Every day of our life is a blessing. That is something, which we have heard like a zillion times but how many times have we really felt it? How many times have we sensed the morning calm amidst cheerful chatter of school kids? How many times has the breeze touched your face and sent a chill down your spine? How many times have the raindrops washed your face to cleanse your heart? Am sure, many of us don’t even remember the last time we felt the dew drops on our palm…

So now, the question is, what is ageing all about? Yes of course, it brings wisdom, experience, patience but also a bit of bitterness, niggling and stress. And that, my friend, is your nemesis.

Now, a simple formula to beauty is unclutter, clean (se), simplify. Start here and now!

I am so tempted here to mention the Japanese methodology of FiveS. I know all I-bankers out there raising their eyebrow, but sorry guys…. need this theory here. I can almost hear the smirk of those “Quality/Six Sigma” guys… J

Anyhow, FiveS is a methodology, which originated in Japan and it describes how we can organize our workspace for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order. Now FiveS has over these few years helped me evolve as well. The FiveS theory (for me) goes thus:

Sorting: The process of sorting involves taking out all your stuff and arranging them in order of your preference, starting from needed, wanted and scrap. So keep what is needed at hand, use what is wanted often and kick the scrap out. Therefore, keep your relationships at hand, use your skills to keep them going and kick the negativity out.

Systematic arrangement: A place for everything and everything in its place. To make your life more efficient, be sure to have a place for everything… I mean everything and everyone. Everyone around you should have their distinct space in your life and should not be mixed up. That can be a cause of your worry.

Spic-n-span:  Clean your ground and keep it clean, tidy and organized. Simplify your life; let it stay clean. Stay away from people/places, which can cause you to self-doubt or pull you down. Avoid nihilism; embrace buoyancy.

Standardizing: Stay consistent. If you have set out to make yourself worry-free, hold your stand. Stay flippant but not frivolous, stay happy but do not lose direction. Avoid using “worry terms” like, “I am tensed” or “my child stresses me out” or “I have lost faith in my fate”. Make room for words like, “I can”, “I will”, “I must”.   

Self-discipline:  This plays the most vital role. If you are distracted too quickly (like me) you need to keep bringing yourself back to your zero. Losing focus will only decay your hard work. So make sure (like me) time and again, pull yourself and begin from where you’ve left.

Like FiveS in organizations, here also there are some tools that can help you have a successful FiveS plan.
  1. Meditate: you don’t have to be religious for this. All you have to do is close your eyes and think of someone you love so dearly that you can feel your heart out. Make them your focus, and each day resolve to stay yourself.
  2. Smile: not because, I tell you to, but because you want to and you must. Make a happy resolve today, like paying a compliment to the rickshaw-wala, or saving a rupee from your extensive shopping, or sharing your culinary skills with the neighbors, or just feeling blessed that you’re a parent. Just smile; discover “your” reason.
  3. Tag it: for every promise you make yourself, write a small note and paste it to your bed post, or mirror, or your diary…somewhere you can see it daily. Indicate what you want with a timeline.
  4. Dream: make a blue print of your future, as you would want to see. Close your eyes and image your world as you would want to build it and “keep” it.
  5. Thank: even if not loud enough for them to hear, just thank. Everyday, we get thousands of opportunities to thank the people who touch our lives; seldom do we extend our hands to touch theirs. Do it…thank.
The above are my personal FiveS and I hope to share them with you so that you can start a fresh, upbeat, worry-less journey. The crow’s feet will vanish and the smile shadows will feel meaningless. We were meant to find our meaning and we all want to. Make a start, stay happy and be sure that you will stay beautiful.

You are beautiful, stay that way.

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