What’s with Superman?

Remember SUPERMAN? The dashing, handsome hunk zooming through the skies and saving precious lives? Well, we all either want to BE that or WANT that!! In spite of my terrible attempt at rhyming, Superman is only just that!!

A popular mobile connection company sprays the message on the radio, thus: 
Ek hota hai ‘man’ jo shaam hotey hi subzi lekar seedhe ghar aata hai, aur ek hota hai ‘superman’ jo office mein boss ko, aur office ke baad uski secretary ko ghumata hai“.

Now, who is Superman? Is he the guy who knows how to fly accross, save lives or just that regular flirt whose only ability is to set the heart pumping for men and women alike? Why does he need to be Superman anyway?

Now, what is really wrong with being just a “man”? What could be terribly so undesirable about this “man”!!?? Is it his being a home bird when his counterparts are chimps? Is it because he knows how much the vegetables cost and not a cocktail at the 5 star? Is it beacause he is loyal and not capable to cheat? What’s so not likeable about him?

Majorly, its the way that we have been thinking all our lives. The superhero we all admire is someone we actually wanna be. What we often forget is that- it is all a fantasy. The superman who once swept me off my feet, and landed me on a 180 storey building to gaze into my eyes and turn an awfully horrifying experience (he just saved me from the jaws of death!) into a wonderful night, kissed me while I closed my eyes and floated 2 inches off the ground, forgot to make “the promise”…..cuz that’s what ordinary men do. Superheroes? Dodge!! 

A superhero’s life is marred wtih challenges like saving the life of a zillion people from a possible atomic attack, or creating a defense from the hollocaust, or maybe just runnnig or rather flying around swooping ‘people’ off their feet. And,  what else?

Have you ever noticed why Superman never ages? It is because he is trapped in time, he does not know any better. All he knows is just flying and more flying around and that’s all that he can ever do. He can follow the regime over and over again and the tape keeps playing similar tunes. Once he starts ageing, even watching football at 2 am would become a challenge! And ya, he would know how much the tomatoes cost!! And that won’t be as desirable, you see!

Anyway, so our superman is this guy who makes sure all around him are safe, happy and healthy. He ensures that he makes no mistake while on his adventures and his cape is unscathed. But that is momentary…once the years pass and the greys emerge, saving lives takes back seat, he’s barely saving himself.

And what about Clark Kent? He is the guy who makes a hard attempt at his job all the time, puts things together to make his life move forward and loves with all his heart. Is it really that bad? Clark Kent is the guy we see in our office slogging through the day, eating up his pride while his boss breathes down his neck, trying to make himself the best he can at work and at dusk comes back home to a lover who can make all wrong, right. Why is that misplaced? Is he not man enough? I guess he too wants to make sure all around him are safe, happy and healthy. And he ensures that whatever he does, his honour is unscathed too.

Clark Kent is SUPERMAN, really…what with just a pair of glasses setting them apart. Of course! the glasses did not make us realise (all these years) that he is actually the big “S”. He may be absent minded, clumsy and no game with the ladies, but he is real. You can touch him, feel him, kiss him and he will make you fly like no one else!!

One look, accross the room full of people, at you, that can have your heart racing. One feather soft touch, enough to make you skip a beat. He is the one who will age with you, will fulfill promises, will carry you in his arms till the end…he is the real deal. Many a men have tried to emulate stupidly what the comic book sales so boast of, many a women have spent sleepless nights and dreamy days to yearn for him, and yet he is just a whiff of air- here now and then gone. And once the silhouette shatters we are left with what else but the good old, dependable, living being- “Clark Kent”. Who really is your “SUPERMAN”.


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