The games people play

As kids, we’ve played certain games, which were common amongst our friends. And then there were some, which were our favorites. My favorite one was marbles….though I never excelled at it.Most times, I was beaten, but I still loved the clinking noise they made, as if charging me up for a game or two. And even while studying, sometimes, my mind would wander off to the thought of me playing with my friends. Once when I won the smallest and the largest of the marbles in one single game, I was proud of my achievement. I don’t really remember any other game than that, anyway. I was 7.

By 14, my favorite was dodge ball. People would hit your legs, so you can’t move and you were to dodge it….Nice game. Always felt I could beat any other in my class. However, sometimes, I would get hit on the legs and they would start counting the scores…emotionally, I felt challenged and charged all at the same time.I would bounce back, as if flying through the circle they made. Sports day would be my test…won nevertheless.

Growing up itself is a game! Learning to be one in the crowd is a part of it too.Nudging and paving through hoards makes us fighters.And then we land in the middle of rising hatred, malice and back stabbing champions. The best part is , it makes us realise how capable we are to play these games as well. Its an auto process….you just seem to learn. Sometimes you are beaten, but you keep trying…to win.Once when I was back stabbed, I wondered if their knife was hurt by my back, I felt that strong. Vouched, would never play such games, cuz it really does hurt. The knife, however, just changed hands, over the years.My back still as strong.

I meet people everyday and I keep wondering the kind of games they must have played as kids. Because I tell you it just reflects in the way that you deal with things. And then,I also wonder, what about those who bitch about you at work, call you their friend and are never there in your hour of need or just try and find ways to pull you down…what kind of games  had they played as kids?!! Hmmm….now that’s a point to ponder!

While I try and struggle through finding answers to such questions, I cross paths with a little angel who finds games such as hiding behind a curtain and screaming at you to look for them, absolutely amusing.Or while I drive, to look for her in the rear seat through the rear view mirror, exciting. At 3 she would feel proud at jumping off three stairs!!Now that is her achievement.The best is when I am busy about my business at home, she would hide beneath the bed and wait for me to realize her absence from home. If I show any panic, she wins ๐Ÿ™‚ I love these games. I don’t remember playing these with anyone ever, but surely, these are my all time favorites.

I wish, we all cherish these moments forever. I wish, these are the games people play, always ๐Ÿ™‚


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