Love…by choice

Some days ago, I read- “Love is a choice…you either choose to love or you don’t”
And then I just think, does that hold true with all that you love? For instance, I love that dress, I love this music, I love that cartoon character, I love my child…so on and so forth.I love all this because I choose to….

Love is not just a feeling…it is an inspiration……for us to be more special, to give more, to be more and to bring more meaning to whatever we choose to. So there…’choice’.

Another choice we sometimes make is, not to love. I choose not to love the individual who hurt me when I was just coming out of my turtle shell, I choose not to love the moment when I was swayed away from a friend who loved me unconditionally, I choose not to love that one person who told me they loved me and did nothing to strengthen it….I do choose not to love, sometimes, yet does not feel right…does not fit well into the scheme of things, does not quite fulfill the purpose.

Why should we not love or should we say choose not to love….?And is “not loving” equal to “hate”? I guess not.You lemme know, please!


2 thoughts on “Love…by choice

  1. The statement is part true … We definitely choose not to love by choice but … the difficult part is choosing to be in love …. My Take is that we may choose to be in love but it never works that way … cos .. there is no logic why we love what we love .. its instantaneous and just happens ….

  2. Surely love is instantaneous, yet before we even choose love, love has already chosen us. Its for us to make that choice. Your take nevertheless, is interesting. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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