Confessions of a heartbreak

Confessions are seldom easy and often abberated.

Confessions are those answers we already know to questions we have been long asking, but never really accepted them. And finally, when they stand right in front of you, all you can do is swollow your pride and gulp it down. Fact!

Amazing how we race ourselves ahead of everything that we want, only to diminish to the fact that, what we ever wanted was right there in front of us…all the time. We may be the best judge of our life, their life and yet seldom do we follow our own advice. Everybody knows that we are a creation of our own thoughts and yet, staying alive is such a huge challenge. Alive– a word, which means different things to different people. To a crook, he’s alive till he’s caught. To a cripple, he is alive till he falls. To Spiderman, he’s alive till he is masked. To a heart, its alive till it breaks. As much as it sounds a biological process, it actually is just emotion. One tiny giant scorpion which lives inside of us and stings us when least expected. The heartbreak.

The weakest of emotions-crying- actualy proves that we are stronger than the scorpion. It proves that we did not break up, we just broke down. And then, you start right back, clean slate, only to be prepared to be stung yet again. No one is invincible. Everybody goes through pain, stabbing, heartbreak and everyone finds a way to heal. The heart rules.

Moments when the whole body tightens itself to face the last blow are the toughest. We definitely know we are going to be hit, but how huge the impact would be is something we can only be prepared for, yet would never know. Sometimes, those blows are on the mirror. The impact is double, the heartbreak- double. It may still be easier to pick up the shattered pieces, but to accept that we shattered our image is a heartbreak still.

The mere mention of apology makes us imagine someone with a bowed down head, teary eyed, bruised ego. Truth being, the frank expression of regret for wrong done, crosses the bridge to reach out to yet another broken heart. A fresh start, a new beginning, genesis of life. The heart rules.

No matter how often we stumble or lurch, we always find our ground. March on….. Alive.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a heartbreak

  1. Very well expressed, Kajal. But inadequate. Heartbreak is much much more than this. The feeling of emptiness, the dark nights and darker days… words are not enough.

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